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Once you have a completed your purchase we will not be able to refund you where you do not attend or if you cancel your Masterclass booking.

Please see our Masterclasses terms and conditions.

Our tutorials are priced at a base rate of £65-00 per hour. Where tutorials are provided to you at a price different from the Base Lesson Rate, this is a specially discounted rate tied to a bundle you purchased from our site.

Payment may only be made by credit card or debit card via our website. Where your payment cannot be processed by our payment processing provider, we reserve the right to limit our services to you until the payment is settled.

The minimum hours that a BOOK SURGEON Tutorial session can be arranged for is for a consecutive 2-Hours period… either on a weekday of weekend. The cost for this would be £130-00.

The only additional charges to this would be travel costs, which are as follows:
Within East Sussex = £0-00
Within West Sussex = £20-00
Within Kent = £30-00

Outside of these areas the West Sussex / Kent rate is applicable + a rate of £20-00 per 50 miles to be calculated on the ‘to the venue’ and ‘away from the venue’ routes. These would be calculate from the closest border from West Sussex / Kent to the venue where the tutorial will take place + the return journey back to the closest West Sussex / Kent border.

All costs of travel will be on the final invoice issued to the customer and will need to be paid in full within seven working days of the tutorial taking place.

If a request for The BOOK SURGEON ‘1 to 1’ Tutorial is deemed to be beyond reasonable travel distance or driving time within the period of one working day, the customer will be responsible for arranging accommodation at a local hotel for The BOOK SURGEON. The hotel accommodation will need to be within 30 minutes’ drive of the tutorial venue and of 4-Star Quality. The reserved room will need to be a double room with Internet facility. For the accommodation option to be triggered, the paid for Tutorial session will need to be for a 4-hour period or longer… and the estimated travel time to and from the venue to be calculated at more than 4 hours return travel time. If hotel accommodation is deemed necessary based on the criteria above, a hotel voucher + details of the hotel, where it is located, a hotel reservation number and confirmation in the name of ANDREW OAKES, will need to be sent to The BOOK SURGEON, within seven days of the tutorial taking place.

Unless otherwise stated, any tutorial appointment is valid for a single user as specified on the account in your household only. However, if the purchaser/customer feels that they would like a partner or carer present, this can be requested by the purchaser/ customer and accepted at the BOOK SURGEONS discretion. Such an option will not increase the purchasers/customers fee for the ‘1 to 1’ Tutorial. Such a request has to be made prior to the Tutorial session taking place, either on the ‘1 to 1’ Tutorial Form Contact Sheet or on a separate email to thebooksurgeonltd@gmail.com.

Your bank card details will be protected at all times in accordance with good industry practice. Payments are processed directly through a secure system via our card services provider.

The BOOK SURGEON reserves the right to vary our pricing for future customers to our services. We reserve our right to offer additional services or content at any time for free or at a charge to a segment of our customer base where we deem it to be commercially appropriate, without notifying all our customers.

Please see full terms and conditions HERE.

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